Running runswift

  1. Open an ssh connection to the robot by running

    $ ssh nao@mario


    Replace mario with the name of the robot’s head you’re using


    nao is the user name, and mario is the hostname of the robot.


    For passwords, please Contact us.

  2. On the robot (in the terminal with the ssh connection), run

    $ runswift
  3. Once the chest light is flashing green double press the chest to stiffen the robot.

See also

Button Presses for ways to interact with the robot without a PC.


Commonly used options are below:

Option Default Description
-T 18 Team Number (eg. 18)
-n 2 Player Number (eg. 2)
-s Game Name of top level body python behaviour skill to execute
–stateestimation.initial_pose_type GAME Type of initial pose (GAME/UNPENALISED/SPECIFIED)
–stateestimation.specified_initial_x 0 Initial x value in mm (if stateestimation.initial_pose_type == SPECIFIED)
–stateestimation.specified_initial_y 0 Initial y value in mm (if stateestimation.initial_pose_type == SPECIFIED)
–stateestimation.specified_initial_theta 0 Initial theta value in degrees (if stateestimation.initial_pose_type == SPECIFIED)

See also

runswift --help for complete list of options


To run a robot with

  • FieldPlayer skill
  • Starting from the centre of the field, facing opponent goal
$ runswift -s FieldPlayer --stateestimation.initial_pose_type SPECIFIED


Modify the options in runswift.cfg to make it easier if you have a lot of options!