From To Listener Port UDP/TCP Description
Nao Nao/GC Nao/GC 10000+team UDP Team Communication, serialised as in memory
Nao Offnao (PC) Nao 10125 TCP Debug information, serialised using protobuf
Offnao (PC) Nao Nao 10125 TCP Sends commands, serialised using protobuf
Nao GameController GC 3939 UDP Notifies GameController that robot is alive
GameController Nao Nao 3838 UDP Sends game and player statuses
Remote Control Nao Nao 2000 UDP Sends remote control signals to Nao
Simulated Nao Offnao (PC) Offnao 10125+6*team+player TCP Debug information, serialised using protobuf
Simulated Nao rcssserver3d rcsss3d 3100 TCP Sends joint angles
rcssserver3d Simulated Nao rcsss3d 3100 TCP Sends perceptor readings (joints, imu, etc.)
rcssserver3d roboviz rcsss3d 3200 TCP Sends scene graphs
simserver browser ss 5000 TCP Sends the webpage
browser simserver ss 5000 TCP Launches simulations