VirtualBox Instructions

  1. Download Ubuntu Desktop Image.

  2. Download and Install VirtualBox.

  3. New
    1. Name rUNSWift-VM
      Type Linux
      Version Ubuntu (64-bit)
    2. Next

    3. Memory Size 4096MB


      Memory size of 2GB is a minimum. Recommendation is half your system memory.

    4. Next

    5. Create a Virtual Hard Disk now

    6. Create

    7. Expert Mode

    8. File Size 50GB
      Hard disk file Type VDI
      Storage on physical hard disk Dynamically allocated
  4. Settings
    1. System
      • Processor
        Processor(s) 4 CPUs


        Maximum 1 CPU per 1.5GB Base Memory Recommendation is equal to the number of cores on your system. Ignore the ‘Invalid settings detected’.

    2. Storage
      1. Click on Empty under Controller:IDE.
      2. Attributess -> Optical Drive -> click on the disc icon
      3. Choose Virtual Optical Disk File
      4. Select downloaded iso file
  5. Start
    1. English

    2. Install Ubuntu

    3. Continue (US Keyboard)

    4. Continue (Minimal Installation and Download Updates)

    5. Install Now (Erase disk)

    6. Continue (write changes to disk?)

    7. Continue (Sydney)

    8. Your name (your choice)
      username (your choice)
      password (your choice)
    9. Continue

    10. Restart Now (after installation is complete)

Refer to Setup Wireless/Wired Network for bridging the networks between host machine and VM.