PC Setup (Contributing)

These are setup instructions for contributing members of the team to setup their PC.

Getting Linux

A Linux OS is required to work with the rUNSWift codebase. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS amd64 is the recommended OS. You can either use a virtual machine, or dual boot your computer.

Pick one of the following:


The following distributions are known to work:


Have at least 50GB storage and 4GB RAM.


A virtual machine is more likely to experience slowness in compiling and running simulations.

Add SSH key to GitHub

  1. Generating SSH key
    1. Open Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T)

    2. Run ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

    3. Hit enter three times

  2. Add SSH key to GitHub by following GitHub Instructions

Cloning Repository

Run the following commands to clone the rUNSWift repository

$ sudo apt-get install git
$ git clone git@github.com:UNSWComputing/rUNSWift.git rUNSWift


Your GitHub account must have access to the private rUNSWift repository to be able to clone it. To gain access, please Contact us.

Build Environment Setup

Run the following command to setup the build environment.

$ rUNSWift/bin/setup-build.sh


For passwords, please Contact us.