PC Setup


If this is your first time using rUNSWift software, follow the instructions on this page. For those that are looking to contribute to the codebase, please follow instructions on PC Setup (Contributing).

Install VirtualBox

Download and Install VirtualBox.

Import rUNSWift VM Image

  1. Download OVA file from http://robocup.web.cse.unsw.edu.au/runswift2/rUNSWift-VM.ova

  2. File -> Import Appliance

  3. Select the Downloaded OVA file

  4. Next

  5. Import

  6. Settings
    1. System
      • Motherboard

        Base Memory

        4096 MB


        Memory size of 2GB is a minimum. Recommendation is half your system memory.

      • Processor


        4 CPUs


        Maximum 1 CPU per 1.5GB Base Memory Recommendation is equal to the number of cores on your system. Ignore the ‘Invalid settings detected’.

  7. Start


OVA file is very big (>5GB), and you have to be on campus or a CSE student to download it.


We have a smaller (3.2GB) OVA file for external users at http://robocup.web.cse.unsw.edu.au/runswift2-htpasswd/rUNSWeenie.ova.


For passwords, please Contact us.

Setup Wireless/Wired Network


You only have to follow these steps if you have to connect to an actual robot.

For a VM, it is necessary to bridge wireless networks and wired networks (when using LAN) from the host machine to the VM. Follow these instructions in VirtualBox.

  1. Network
    1. Adapter 2
      1. Enable Network Adapter

      2. Attached to Bridged Adapter

      3. Name should be your wired adapter


In case you’re unable to connect to a robot (i.e. ssh <robotname> doesn’t work), try installing Wireshark and monitoring the packets to diagnose the issue. Also try pinging by the expected IP address of the robot, ping <robotname>.local, and checking the output of avahi-browse -av.